Two headed bird...........................

A two headed bird and a wolf are finished today.
They are going to Chelsea with some other creatures that I have made.
Ive worked with a more minimal colour palette of dirty whites and blacks and I quite like it.
It was hard at first but now I'm warming to these new colours.

The engraved sheild reads....I am ruined by rain and weathered by wind and still I ask will you want me.
Small china roses decorate the sides,Ive had them for a while and they seem perfect for this little bird.

Also to go down with the bird is a little wolf complete with black mask and ruff.

He stands on a vintage baking tin and this is engraved with......You should always save pain for daylight...
I love this line somebody says it in the film The talented Mr Ripley.
Some things just strike a cord and though its a little dark I do think its lovely.


  1. I so love these, and the words you have given them, I imagine they come to life once you have dimmed the lights.......

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous - you are one very talented man

  3. Je ne sais pas si j'aime ou n'aime pas. Mais quel travail ! Et je veux en voir encore. A bientôt

  4. ...Love 'em. :o)



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