Have had my work room repainted and had some lino put down. Was having a nightmare with threads on the carpet. I use quite thick polyester thread so it wasn't the best thing to be going up the hoover!
Also with the new scheme I had a fire surround put back in as I thought the room was lacking it.
It also gives me a new surface to put my miniature metal chair collection on!
I can hang stocking now at Xmas for the cats from it!

I don't really tell my friends that I collect little chairs as it can easily become one of those things where all you get are little chairs for presents.
Only certain chairs make the grade! I know I have few of the same one but they look nice arranged for tea!
I had a friend who had a poodle,all she got was poodle themed presents.
She hated it and in the end I think she said to everyone to stop it.
I think I did buy her a poodle oven glove so I am guilty.
Let me know if you collect anything?

Poor Vivienne has had to be re homed in my workroom as she did used to sleep in a cupboard but its gone now.
Shes got a new suitcase home on my desk.
How cute.


  1. ...Sa-weet! The fireplace mantle, the new paint, the tiny chair collection, Vivienne. :o)

    ...Enjoy your updated creative space!

    ...Blessings :o)

  2. love the chairs ... Vivienne you're working that suitcase ...

    My best friend once gave me a pair of 'novelty slippers' which I politely wore ... then for about ten(!) crimbos and birthdays I used to get more ... from all sorts of friends and relatives. I had to put a stop to it *shudder*

  3. If you have two , you have the begin of an collection .
    Love ♥RINI♥

  4. Your space looks wonderful and Miss Vivienne is so cute in her new valise. Ah yes, it is all too easy to collect and then over-receive! I have collected mice ever since I was a tiny girl and I hate to weed out so they don't overtake the house. Thank goodness they are your adorable chairs.

  5. I collect lots, so much that one day soon i'll need my own house to store it all in. Vintage sewing machines has got to be my most insane collection (they are not tiny!), thimbles, miniature figures( like an inch big) and i have a nice set of Kewpies in a range of sizes. There's also the postcard and stamp collection. But i am most proud of my vintage quilting book collection :-)

  6. thanks for all your comments everyone!!

  7. What a beautiful studio - you are so talented - awesome work.

    In answer to your question - I collect rare breed bantams - miniature chickens in real life and am starting a collection of chicken 'things' for my little garden room

    Fancy making one of my chickens?


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