Hares with ruffles and kettles.............

Here are some images of new hares Ive been making.
They are for one of the main shops that I supply Luna and Curious in London.

Little clogs and a kettle,I think this one is a girl.

A darker hare with mask and ruffle.
I'm quite attached to him.
Hes up to no good,sometimes you can just tell!

I think this one may be ready for bed.............

Three hedgehog brothers with little embroidered cloaks.

It wasnt my idea it was Viviennes.


  1. totally wonderful ... love that naughty jewel thief dom hare ... and those hedgehogs ... woohoo!

    That Vivienne's such a show pony ;)

  2. Your art is spectacular. Each hare and hedgehog has its own special personality. I think Vivienne just has THE look of a super model. Monday Smiles...

  3. Love the hares but, the hedgehogs are something else!
    Your cat is very tolerant!

    Sandie xx

  4. It is again great art to see for me !
    Love ♥RINI♥

  5. Oh yo do make me laugh.........it's all right Vivienne I don't believe him for a minute!!

  6. Ha ha Brilliant! Wonderful, inspiring art too :0)


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