Have been working on some new moth shapes.I wanted them to look more 'mothy' (I know that's not even a word,or is it?)
So I have made the bodies a bit shorter and a lot fatter. Some new wing shapes too. I like them more than the other ones.
Also some moths made from velvet which I haven't done before.
I have a love /hate thing with velvet. It is beautiful and you can age it fabulously with sandpaper and graters etc. However I love to really pack my things as tightly as I can.
I like really firm bases and shapes and often the velvet will just tear of spilt at the seams.
I sew alot with polyester so the seams themselves don't go it next to the seams generally.
I know the solution is to now pack them as tight.
But I get carried away with just a little more stuffing!

Velvet discuss.................


  1. I do like the Mk2 Moth, they are more mothy!
    As for the velvet.... I understand about its' durability. Are you using 'Dralon' upholstery weight or dress fabric weight?
    Velvet seems like a good choice for a 'realistic' feel but, I suppose your art is not meant to be handled/touched frequently?

    Any way, they are bl**dy gorgeous!

    Sandie xx

  2. Sandie,
    Thanks,im using allsorts of weights,ive got old curtain velvet and thin dress velvet.
    On refletion maybe its tearing as it all a bit old.
    I have these amazing blue curtains that are bleached by the sun,just gorgeous how the colour has faded. But maybe this has weakened them?
    Also I like things to be touched I have a friend who has a few of my beetles that she wears in her hair.
    They look great and the wear and tear just adds to them!
    Thanks for your kind comments.x

  3. Oh how I do adore these new mothy creatures you have created. As for velvet...it is certainly one of the most touchable fabrics in the world. Do you line with muslin? Do you back your velvet with interfacing? Maybe these options would help keep the seams from ripping or fraying too much. Your talents are amazing...

  4. You have me hooked Mister Finch. Just bought my first moth from your etsy. I think this collection is going to run and run. LOVE your work x

  5. Thanks you everyone for your kind words.
    will try interfacing I think I have some somehwere!


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