Magic moonbeam brothers..........................

These little guys are dry today so whilst there was a little light left thought I would show you them.
These are going to London for part of a big order.
I have a lot to make lately and awful lot actually.
I do try to mix it up so I'm not making the same thing over and over as this can quickly kill the joy!
I am lucky, very lucky to be doing exactly what I love doing though so I'm not complaining!
All thoughts are turning towards making stock for Christmas now always seems too early!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who comments so regularly on my posts. You know who you are.
I may not always get chance to thank you but I just wanted to let you now that its really appreciated and flattering that you have interest in my things.
Hope your thoughts haven't turned to Christmas yet and are still enjoying the season where you are in the world.

Best wishes,


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