Handmirror spider...............

I made this little spider today.
The embroidery comes from the back of a hand mirror I believe from the 50's by the style of it.
The mirror was cracked and destined for the rubbish but I managed to save it and turn it into a little beast.
Very satisfying making something into a little bug!

I also got a brush with it which is the perfect size for a moths body!
A good days foraging I think!


  1. He's great! That is some really gorgeous embroidery!!!

  2. This little bug is just gorgeous

  3. I love this bug!
    One of your beautiful moths adorns my wall..........I think he might need a
    friend soon :-)

  4. I have just discovered your blog and I adore your creations! I am off to make a pot of tea and sit to enjoy the rest of your posts! Your moths are divine, I am a new and happy follower!!! Warmest wishes - Glenda in an 500 year old farmhouse filled with French brocante!


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