Textile Fox heads by Mister Finch by ohmisterfinch
Have been saving up little vintage silver plate trays and dishes to use for mounts and have only just got round to using them. They have been tricky as I have to keep adjusting the pattern to fit inside the shallow of each dish. However Ive been doing it over and over so I now feel that I have cracked it. Opens up some nice opportunities now for mounting things now which is great. Going all guns blazing at the moment with making things as have a new shop to stock soon so will tell you about this nearer the time as I have to keep elements of it a secret..................
Also on a separate note,Blogger and blurry images......any body else.?
Using Flickr to host images now as seems to work out for clearer images.


  1. Hello mister finch! I love the work you have been doing..just amazing! Would I be able to buy one of your foxy foxes at all? Thanks.

  2. I like your work very much…I love the way you are working with the plates to make your pieces wall mounted. Always a problem working 3 dimensionally!

    I've no idea why you are having a problem with blogger...


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