Dead white bird textile art by ohmisterfinch
I have to be in the right mood to make the dead birds and can go for ages without making them.
I have lots of their little legs always made up in a box so that I can get a head start with them once I start.
Today is a dead bird making day and its raining which I always think are the best days to sit in and make things.
One of my favourite directors Guillermo del toro has a room in his house where it rains."Rain Room," where it will rain 24 hours a day—rain and lighting will always be lashing against this room's windows, so that he can always write in a thunderstorm.

Can you imagine......*sigh


  1. I love your dead things - I also absolutely love the beautiful spider awaiting her steel core but am too lazy to go over to the post, sorry ...

    ... gotta love del Toro ... seriously. wonderful.

    At the moment my windows are continuously lashed by darkness and rain, so I'm living the dream *double sigh

  2. It had never occured to me before, but you're right... when the rain is pouring and the wind is howling, there is nothing more lovely than curling up with something creative in hand. Lucky we live in Blighty eh? :) Your dead things are quite lovely and moving.

  3. have a lovely dead bird day please.

  4. i find it wonderful, and i am happy to found your blog know. love greats from sylvia from the mäsywi-bären


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