Moth sisters............

The embroidery that I use for my moths is getting really scarce now, I like to use the really heavy stuff.
Maybe its because I have less time now to hunt for it I'm not sure......
However I found this fab piece recently it had big sections that hadn't been finished so it take a bit of careful cutting out.
I see lots of table cloths and napkins etc but they are so often very thin from over washing and don't really have the impact that I want from heavily embroidered pieces.
These two sisters are dry today and in my etsy shop now.......


  1. Went to your etsy shop and of course! they have sold already... mister finch will you have enough embroidery fabric left to do any more? Just beautiful. Bron x

  2. Oh! So fantastic!! I can see why you choose the heavy adds so much wonderful texture!

  3. I see that kind of vintage embroidery quite often at our local car boot and always think of your work and wonder what youd do with it.
    Maybe if we find the tapestry or embroidfery we could get a discount? lol

  4. Thanks for all your kind words.
    I suppose it could be me being picky, I do see embroidery myself and I have friends and family who pick up pieces for me but its not often anymore that I find something really great.
    The tapestries are easy to find its just the heavy needlework.
    Nice try liniecat lol.xx

  5. Delighted to find your blog. I featured one of your moths on my blog a few days ago - but there was no linkbank to it on Pinterest. Luckily one of my followers knew it was your work and directed me here. Fabulous stuff! Love it.

  6. Já fiz umas dessas mariposas. Não tenho o tecido como o seu mais nem por isso deixei de fazer. Ficaram lindas lógico as suas são divinas.


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