Flower Spider...

Flower Spider... by ohmisterfinch
A little flower spider rests on a vintage tray which is destined to become a pincushion once the steel wool stuffing arrives in the post.
Have very blunt pins so have become a bit obsessed with pincushions lately.
Has been one of those days where you try and get lots done but in the end you have to look at your list and not tick anything off.
Did get this little fellow finished so might write on my list ...make spider and get him photographed so that I have at least one thing to cross off.
I hope everyone else has had a really productive day Id love to hear about them.



  1. You know I've been thinking that I'd love to save up money and commission a faux-taxidermy from you. Something otherworldly. You're just too good - and this spider's quaint.

  2. I tell you what if I finished off something like this spider hear I'd feel nothing but happy and i had done my days worth of work. He is superb!

  3. I usually find spiders a bit creepy, but this could change my mind. Perfect for a pincushion!

  4. I really like this spider. The legs are amazing. I like how it's creepy and pretty at the same time, kind of like real spiders.


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