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When I look at other peoples blogs I always see helpful hints and things that they have discovered that have made their craft lives easier.
So in the spirit of this I thought that I would share a tip on something that has made things easier for me with my glue gun.
Apologies if this is something you have seen before.
Glue guns are not only super amazing they are super drippy and super hot.
First I just wanted to recommend the model that I use.
I have tried many glue guns before arriving at the Dremel glue gun.
This for me is the best one I have come across,it is pricier than the rest but I think its great.
For years I battled with the Bostik ones but the triggers always broke within 5mins.
The Dremel has a very strong trigger and heats up fast.
On the box it says that it doesn't drip but they always do,lets be honest.
It has a flat base so is easier to stand up in between gluing.
Its the drips that drive me crazy as they stick to the card,paper or whatever you rest your gun on whilst working.
So in the craft shop weeks ago I bought one of the silicon glue gun mats.
The ones that you put under the gun to catch drips and once cool you can peel them off.
It cost me nearly £7 which I did think was expensive but it was a treat.
It worked great,then I had a tidy up and its gone missing!!
Then the other day I came across the cookware made from silicon in the £1 shop.
I see this stuff everywhere and I'm sure your aware of it wherever you live.
The silicon loaf tin shape was £1 and I thought it feels the same and has a very high temp and non stick surface could this be a replacement for my missing glue gun mat?
Oh yes! its perfect to throw the glue gun in between gluing and once dry the glue peels off like a dream.
Ive used it lots and I think its even better than the mat.
When cool I store the glue gun in the mould so that they are always together.
Its also brightly coloured unlike the mat so its easier to find
For £1 its brilliant!!
Hope this helps with some hot gluer out there.!


  1. Am off to the £1 shop!! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Frighteningly, I've only just realized that in the greater scheme of things, we are neighbors! (LS9 these days...) I just hopped over to thank you for the silicone container tip- rather clever and I'm sure that just as a drip- catcher that old ugly ice cube tray with Thomas the Tank Engine shaped molds will do nicely. And while I'm here I might as well tell you that your moths made my day/ evening/ night. Utterly adorable! Years and years ago, in Slovenia, I encountered a moth that was quite easily the same size as a sparrow (or so I thought as a kid when two adults chased the poor thing around a tiny room trying to get it out of the window)- your little beauties brought back that memory and I'm still sort of grinning inwardly :)

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  4. Thank you so much for this tip! I've been keeping my mini glue gun in a sardine tin to catch drips, but this would be easier to find. I sometimes thing my life would have been completely different if someone had given me a glue gun much, much earlier.

  5. Super ace tip this. Thank you so much for sharing!


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