Sleeping foxes...

I think these are foxes but some would say that they are wolves.
For me and the way that I make things wolves have longer snouts,but the overall shape is very similar.
I like the idea of these being foxes.
This is a new pattern I'm still perfecting but thought that I would give you sneak peak at them.
I consciously want to move away from the jointed figures and move more into experimental pattern cutting.
I'm self taught at all this so I'm making lots of mistakes along the way but I think you learn more this way.

The fox with the embroidery is made from a vintage tablecloth which is fantastic,I only wish it was bigger!
I think I may be able to get another animal out of whats left.
The most difficult part was getting the fox to curl up tightly. Too loose and the fox almost appears dead or injured which isn't something I'm particularly going for right now.
The inspiration comes from sleeping cats,as you may know from my blog Ive got 3 and anyone who has cats will know that they sleep in the most bizarre places and often curl up beautifully.
One of the cats we have is called Vivienne and although not the most gracefull of creatures sleeps in really brilliant poses,often with her paws over her eyes which I love!
They display easily too and look really peacefull on a pile of books just as they are.
In the new year I will hopefully have a new stuffing supplier which i have found practically on my doorstep which is great. Then I want to make some bigger things, a life size fox asleep,wouldn't that be lovely.


  1. I love foxes- the embroidered one is so fantastic!

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  3. thanks very much Swig & beth hope your feeling festive!
    Best wishes.


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