Blue spider...

The sun came out really strong for the briefest moment this morning so I grabbed my camera and a little spider I had yet to to photograph.

They had some really great shadows.
The spiders are really lovely to make but they do take quite a bit of time and are very fiddly.
In the time it takes to make a small one I'm sure i could have made a far bigger one.
This one is made from a vintage tie.

He reminds me of a spider form a book that i was obsessed with growing up...The snow spider by Jenny Nimmo-its beautiful and set in Wales where my mother lives.

Its one of three books that follow on from each other but you can read it on its own.
Its a child's book but like so many things for children there is something different reading it as an adult now.
If you get chance to read it do its dark and pretty.

I actually have the snow spider tattooed at the bottom of my neck,sometimes I forget that its there and get a glimpse of it in the mirror.

How cool is this I came across on the web-no pun intended!


  1. Great photos. Like a promo for a 60's thriller movie.

  2. Oh wow... I love how you caught the shadows. Well done on the piece and the photography.

  3. That's one web I would not brush away! Beautiful..


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