Working on this raven/crow toy today I have to write something on his chest which is covered with the bowl section of an antique spoon.Now that I have my engraver ready to go my minds gone blank of what to write on it...
Hes wearing a mask made of vintage diamante and sits on a little wooden cart.
I'm not sure whats going to happen to him I just needed to make him.
Will get some better images taken of him when hes absolutely finished and we have some decent daylight arrive.

I love this crow by one of my favourite artists

anna wili highfield

She makes the most beautiful things mostly birds,if you google her you see lots of her other work.

Here is an interview with her,Ive tried to embed it but no matter what I do it wont work so here's the link.

If ever there was an example of beauty,talent and elegance...


  1. Ooh- I love both of these crows! Do you have an online shop?

  2. Paul... this crow is amazing... I love that you are going to have the spoon engraved. This may seem too common for some but I think it would be splendid if it was engraved with "Nevermore."

    I can't tire of your work. It really speaks to me. Thank you for sharing your creations.

  3. beth i do have an online shop on etsy but its empty at the moment.
    Ive been really busy making stuff to stock the shops i supply which is a priority over xmas.
    ill be restocking it in the new year.
    this is the link to it.
    best wishes,

  4. Victoria thankyou.
    Its so nice to get feedback ,i work on my own from home so getting outside imput is always appreciated.


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