More bird memorials....

Here is the full set of dead birds that Ive made.
All the chest pieces have been engraved with there names and inscriptions.
Life size and with little rings on the back so they can be hung if needed.
In my studio they hang,still,peaceful and sombre.

George fell asleep 7-4-54

Coco 1936-1938

Roberto My little angel 1947

Harry 1920-24

My little friend 'Ernest' How I miss your song

Arthur The best friend I ever had.

Ruby My darling friend 1946

Beluga fell asleep3.2.1975

 I'm very into death,hibernation ad sleeping things at the moment.
Its very likely due to the season and how cold it is here in the UK.
I know that they are not the best images but its the best I could do with the available light!


  1. Oh my god !you are so gifted I visit loads of blogs but your work is so different and unusual I just love all your "stuff"


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