Ive been working on this pattern for ages now it seems and has been tricky to get right but the last few that Ive made Ive been happy with.
Pug dogs!! its something that Ive wanted to make in a while.
Very tightly stuffed and aged with tea and coffee they sit on my desk looking at me.

I really quite like them and fear of naming them as I'm already growing attached to them!

Its so nice working from home especially now as when I look out of the window its snowing heavily and Ive got my sewing machine and a large mug of tea.!!
I sound like an old woman!!

Look at how deep the snow is!

Its so nice but at the same time its a pain.Ive been making so much lately as i have a stall at a Christmas market and Ive got a feeling its going to be cancelled.
Hope not....
Ill keep you posted -keep your fingers crossed for me.

I came across this Martha Stewart tree the other day and I think I'm a bit obsessed with it.
Isn't it beautiful,if you look really close you can see all the little birds in its branches.
Love it. I don't think ill be able to do it this year but at some point I'm gonna make one too.

I came across this image also,i don't know who took it but I adore it.

Hope everyone is feeling festive!!


  1. oh your pugs are amazing! I hope you're market isn't cancelled but I'm sure their will be many people over the internet who would love to give these gorgeous dogs a good home!

  2. PS. that last photo is fab too - the light capturing the snow falling is beautiful.

  3. Chantal thanks..i think its going ahead so hopefully i can raise a bit of christmas money!
    Best wishes.x


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