William Morris insect

Yesterday i finished making an insect in a William Morris print........
I think I like him,he does look slightly odd next to the other ones that I have made ,less threatening I guess.
Today i'm working on some scarab/dungbeetle shaped ones pictures will follow soon.

There are so many insects out there and so many different ones to make,have a look at some of these images by insect photographer Igor Iwanowicz hes amazing.
Google his work it's out of this world.

I don't think Vivienne is too impressed with the state of my workroom!

Oh dear!


  1. Dear Mister Finch,

    i love your morris beetle! will you sell it on etsy? can i put a shout-out to your beetle and website on my blog: William Morris Fan Club?

    best, mo

  2. of course you may!
    i think i will be putting it on etsy yes,im just building up afew of them and then get the photgraphed as a group.
    bestest wishes.


  3. I guess Vivienne is the cat?......well knowing cats so well, I reckon thats a very laid back puss who would take 'whatever-workroom' in her stride lol
    Great idea to use WM fabrics that way. Seems very fitting to use it celebrationally, for something so natural and so much a part of the Arts and Crafts ideology.
    WoW what bizarre but magnificent insects too !


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