Here are some new bugs that ive been working on...................

I think they are slowly getting bigger!
Im going to sell them soon on etsy but first I want to make a large group and have them all photographed together,I think it will look really cool.
Last night I was working on one and I had to get him finished as I did'nt like the idea of him lying on my desk half finished.
I guess im one of those people who fantasise about things coming to life at night.

I know this is alittle grusome but I came across it whilst looking for insect images on the internet,isnt it amazing though.Just think how quickily the spider would have had to move to catch a bird.
It's not common place for these spiders to catch birds.


  1. particularly like the ones featuring the patterned fabric...
    As for your bird catching spider - yes, amazing.. and quite a good contrast of content to the other craft blogs i read of a morning!


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