Well it's still insects in the Finch workroom,they have been tricky to make but im getting quicker and better at them this is what iv'e made so far.......

This one is my best one and also my favourite one..........he's made from two tone taffeta in a teal blue.
Some of these colours are hard to capture in an image he is handsome and i think he knows hes the best one!

This is the kind of thing i will be aiming for in regards to shapes and colours ect,there are so many different ones i could be making them forever.

Once ive perfected them I will put them in my etsy shop.......

I noticed today how neat i keep my threads........unlike the rest of my workroom which is terrible!
It gets untidy but its getting silly now its just chaos.

I still have one cat that ive not introduced to you..........

This is Vivienne.......

I love this picture of him!

He is the best cat in the world,i guess everyone says that about their cats.
Vivienne was rescued and when you rescue a cat and love them i think they really know.
If you've ever got a cat like this then maybe you'll know what i mean.

He's a bit deaf i think but can hear the sound of a can of tuna opening 10 miles away.


  1. Your insects are beautiful and look perfect to me!
    I know exactly what you mean about rescue cats, my cat turtle was rescued too, and I think she knows as well.

  2. Your working is stunning... intriguing... inspiring.


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