Beetles,Bugs and Insects

Here are some images of some finished insects i've been working on.
These are'nt any paticular species i've taken bits of insects that I like and sort of added them together.
I think I will be more accurate with species later on when i've been doing them a bit longer.
They have been tricky to do but once you finish them and bend the legs and antennae into shape they suddenly come to life!
Each one varies in size but they are all roughly 30cm in length so they are quite big,I have real trouble making really small things,not sure why.I might start off small but I always end making things bigger.
In my head I already want to make a really big beetle about as big as a small dog!

I want to make some spiders next!


  1. they are amazing! And big too. I totally understand I can't do miniature things. I admire people who can, but it does my head in.

  2. teddybearswednesday
    Ah!! thankyou,i try and work small but it never seems right.
    Insects would be perfect small and shiny and perfect but i cant do it i want them big and wonky and a bit shocking!


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