Mister Swindlehurst..........

Recently I was very kindly given a pair of scissors large and very heavy but built to last and in their own right are an amazing object.
This pair should easily last me the rest of me and somebody else's life if not longer.
I love the sequence of events of how objects arrive at their destinations and often their refusal at being discarded.
The previous owner acquired them as a donation from a tailors son who then gave them to me.
More often than not we don't own objects we are simply the caretaker of them.....so in the chapter where I have them it only seemed fit to engrave the tailors name onto the blade......
'Mister Swindlehurst'
Maybe one day my name will be added to the blades too or maybe it will always be a mystery of what the name means..who know its all part of the story........


  1. I like this idea; who came before, the story of the object, imagining the wonderful cloth those scissors have seen, who wore the clothes they cut out. The name engraved not only implies a story, it acknowledges their history. Brilliant!

  2. and if I may add to the comment above me - so fitting that they come to you - as you to take something that has a story and re invent, re create and re birth... I love your work and it has got me out of my nice warm bed to browse your blog and ponder about another world where the moths are made from faded velvets with imprints made from the flowers that they have flown over....

  3. Mystery and magick in the mundane for which you have a gift!!


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