The witch simply called them 'A&B' for that was their name.
A two headed spy created to see through the wood in the failing light.
Admittedly they were generally up to no good but when given the chance unexpectedly they sang.......and if only you could have understood the meanings you would have heard songs sung of 'never having to be alone'...


  1. Your art of display is as wonderful as your art itself. Most poignant. I think I must shed a tear or two for these dear departed little dark birds whose song was stifled by The Witch.

  2. The witch was wise.....I love your 2-headed spy.

  3. Your art is just wonderful and the background to each piece is just stunning too

  4. They sound like my kind of birds, come to me little ones!!! By the way, I think I may have drooled on my keyboard... Fantastic Mr Finch!


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