mirror mirror......

I thought I would share a mini tutorial which is really fast and I think can make a quite a fab gift or unusual way of displaying photographs.
These vintage hand mirrors are everywhere and I see them practically at every car boot or second hand shop I go to.
Check its in this style as all you need to do is twist the barrel/handle and it should turn quite easily. If it does then its should be good to use for this project.
Unscrew the handle from the bottom cap and it should literally fall apart into the pieces like above.You may have to slide down the small cap that is holding the bottom of the frame pieces together this is easily done.
Take the original picture out and using the clear plastic cover piece use it to trace over an image that you like. This can obviously be anything you like from a book page to concert tickets as long as they are thin...here I have used a picture of a bird from an old book.
Insert it and put back together simply..... it can be a little tricky to get everything back in the frame bit at the top but once you have slide on the handle and barrel cap and you are done.
Job done.


  1. That is a delightful idea! Love the idea of putting photos in them too. My Mum had one on her dressing table, though it was for display and for 'best' lol doubt she ever used it for what it was intended!

  2. What a wonderful use of these old mirrors! I have a small collection of hand mirrors rescued from car boots and dumps. Will have to look at re-inventing them soon. Thanks for sharing! ; ~ ) Minerva x


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