Birds, Birds, Birds.........

I have a mini collection of birds ready for sale....
The birds will go into my Etsy shop at 7.30pm UK time this Friday the 17th May.

Prices £99-£130


  1. Will you someday make a pattern of something simple for us to make. I love your curled up animals especially your rabbit. I know that many would buy a pattern.
    Your work is magnificent. Some of your creatures bring me to tears. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world.

    1. Hey,
      I dont plan on releasing any patterns im afraid. I have a friend who did and now the pattern is everywhere and has been copied and used by everyone. I may sell a few in the begining but eventually they get reproduced and then people use there own version. My friend bitterly regrets it and no longer makes what she initially did. Its not a direction i see myself doing.xx

  2. wow wonderful birds. make for us a pattern please, i want so a bird too

    regards from sylvia

  3. A pattern would be great - would buy for sure

  4. I love your little birds... and your insects... I hope do own one of these special little creatures if i get the chance... before they sell out... :-)

  5. I'm so glad you said no....
    What you do isn't reproducible

  6. Oh, dear. The very day I discovered your wonderful work, and I find that I just missed this Etsy listing. Let me just say that I am astonished by what you do. I will obsessively follow your blog to ensure never to miss another sale. Thank you for sharing what you are doing.

  7. Beautiful as always! :) I especially love that little purple bird. x

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  9. i hope one day to give a home to one of your special objects, but oh how to decide on only one?
    Your creativity and productivity are inspiring, thanks for sharing.

  10. I yearn to purchase one of your birds or moths. Since finding this blog, following you, I'll have my net ready @ ETSY.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful visions.

  11. Hello. I have no words to describe how beautiful your flora and fauna are. I love the birds. I love it all!




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