As quite a secretive person I battle with hiding away and also knowing the importance of revealing myself and getting my work seen.
Lately Ive been asked to show images of my little workroom.
So here are some snaps,usually its quite tidy...............usually its a mess.

I think that's about as revealing I could go!
The only things missing are cats falling about everywhere grooming and maybe a glass of red in the evenings on my desk.
I hid away for years didn't give interviews or tell anything about myself.
Where did it get me ..........not very far.
Get yourself out there tell people you exist,own your work,be proud.
If you want to make a living making things which I was so desperate to do you can't do it with the curtains closed
Get a blog,facebook ,etsy shop approach shops.
You never know whats around the corner and you know might actually enjoy it.


  1. We want pictures of the cats too:)

  2. I LOVE!! your workspace! What a cool, creative bunch of surroundings! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into 'you'...and yes...we need a few photos of the cats! :)))

  3. Great workspace .... I love all those stoppers waiting to be spidiefied ...

    I also think your tapestry beetles are fantastic and I love love love the little dead bird ... did you see the post on my blog about the dead seagull that fell at my feet? I thought of you that morning!

  4. It's always interesting to see other people's workspaces.

    So true if you want to make a living out of your craft, you've got to blow your trumpet a little till others cotton on to the tune.........

    Claire :}

  5. Thanks for all your comments,ill add some cat images soon.
    They wont be hard to do!
    Sarah a seagull fell at your feet!
    I give that 2 points.
    Finding a a magpies nest is 10 points.
    I win-sorry!

  6. Great to see your workspace (realistic balance between organization and artistic messiness!)
    Your words about getting yourself out there struck a chord with me, thank you. :)

  7. Thank you so very much for sharing your space with us. Your words are very wise. Be proud and let the world know what you do. Wonderful weekend to you...

  8. Damn right, you have to put yourself out there, even if overcome with shyness - your studio is a gorgeous treasure trove and I've loved looking at the pictures - and am hankering after your craft stash!

  9. yeah, your magpie nest top trumps my dead seagull, I'll give you that ...


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