Coloured sleeping foxes.................

Just finishing an order off,here are some images of the sleeping foxes done with the medium sized pattern and from different fabrics.

 This one made from 1950's curtain fabric...
 Battered old green velour

 blue velvet aged with coffee and the oven

old cotton and parts are made from one of those 'mock'tapestry cushion covers.

I think,well actually I know that the blue velvet one is my favourite.
I'm pleased with the way that he has been aged and he does look really quite old in the flesh.
I have lots of this blue velvet and I mean lots.
I bought them as curtains,what a find!
They are the most beautiful of blues a royal blue-beautiful.
Not a lucky as finding a magpies nest though!


  1. I was going to say that the blue velvet was my favorite as well! This is such an interesting pattern... the shape is so out of the ordinary (I'm sure that's one of the reasons its so popular :) and it makes my heart glad to see a use for all that wonderful old material (The kind of drapes I remember hanging in my grandparents house) :)))


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