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I now have 3 sewing machines,I know that may sound excessive but I use them all daily and all for different things.One main one with unbreakable thread for all general seam work,one for sewing through the thin plastic and for cotton thread and fine neat lines and a new one non electric hand machine.
As I sew lots of different things all of the time it makes sense to have these machines so I'm not constantly changing threads and tensions and it all seems to work out well.
My point for this post is does anybody else use a hand driven machine?

My main machine that I use for everything is this old Jones one that suits me terrifically.

Its very strong and powers through stuff. The other day literally I saw the same machine slightly later model I think but hand driven it was £15,checked it over looked like everything seemed to be working.I was so very curious about it and it was the same model I already had just hand driven.

So I bought it,got it home which is another story in its self,lets just say very heavy machine,bags of shopping,runny nose(hayfever),a glass vase,a wasp,and a split bag.
Make your own version of events from that.
After a bit of oiling and threading the machine up the right way which someone hadn't done I got it going.
At the risk of sounding archaic its great.!
There is a huge amount of control which for doing things like veins on wings is soooooo helpful!
I just wondered if anybody else has or uses a hand driven machine for there work?
If someone had asked me if I had or wanted a hand driven machine before I think I would definitely have said no thanks.
For tiny tiny details which it is so capable of its beautiful to use.

I am turning into a old grandmother?



  1. At least it's not on the tip and is being used almost daily. A brilliant little(but heavy) workhorse! I bet it doesn't slide around like some of the modern ones do either. It was built to last.
    I don't think you are greedy, or a granny, just very practical!

    Sandie xx

  2. I learned to sew on an old hand crank singer ... really really old ... it was bliss.

    As you say, the control was great. I still have muscle memory of how silky smooth, yet simultaneously clunky it was ... yes, sweet bliss ... Thanks for the memory jolt ...

    There are always some of these at a fleamarkety thing in Brighton ... I walk right past. I might very likely stop and look next time I go ...

  3. ...Practicality is King my dear! ;o) Love the new machine as I sew with a 19th century treadle - wouldn't trade her for the fanciest new machine on the market! Am I Granny? I say not! *giggle*

    ...I presently have two machines, one being the antique treadle and the other a newer electric and like you, I would love to have a third. I agree about needing different machines for different tasks.

    ..."So I bought it,got it home which is another story in its self,lets just say very heavy machine,bags of shopping,runny nose(hayfever),a glass vase,a wasp,and a split bag." Got a visual! lol :o)


  4. I was taught to sew on a hand driven machine and then at the age of 10 I was allowed to use the peddle machine even though I could hardly reach the peddle thingy ...LOL I wish I had both of those machines now...both Singers.

  5. Great thanks for the feedback,they are lovely to use and its the control that is just fantastic.
    Sarah get one im so surprised at how often i have used mine already and like you said they arent hard to get hold of.

  6. Those machines are beautiful! I've never sewn with a hand machine or a treadle, would love both though!

  7. I want to make my own clothes, but all the sewing patterns I find seem really outdated. Where can I get some modern ones?

    M & K Sewing Machines uk profile

  8. Oliviapitson I dont know i dont make clothes. Have you looked on ebay?

  9. I just got a hand powered machine over the holidays but haven't given it a try yet. I have to say I've been a bit perplexed about how it will work to have one hand on the crank and the other guiding my work. Maybe tomorrow will be the day now that I know how well it works for you.

    I must say also that I love your work.

  10. I grew up with my mum making curtains for a living (at home) on an old singer with the wooden table and pedal. She did have a motor for it though (and it still works). So you can do it old style or 20th century style. I'll be on a steep learning curve if I get a computerised machine!

  11. This looks amazing, thanks for sharing. I also have an old hand held sewing machine that I want to replace with a new one. Do you have any recommendation or suggestion for me?


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