As I make things I try to encapsulate whatever season is going on around me.
Not always,but I try.
Summer is here and whats more summery than swooping and diving swallows.
So I made some and popped them in my etsy shop.

As always made from vintage and rescued fabrics.


  1. These are very cool!! Would love to see a photo of them hanging (swooping:) together! :)))

  2. Wonderful Swallows, you must have an amazing array of vintage fabrics...........

  3. lol yeah Im not doing bad for fabric,have got lots but lots that im saving for the right project.Cant stop collecting it though!

  4. A fellow blogger recommended your blog and I am so glad I listened to her. Your blog is a real delight to the eyes, I am off to check out your etsy shop and may put some things on my wish list for when we come to move to our new home.

    Kind wishes.


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