Trophy heads...........

Heres a peak at some new things im doing....Trophy heads.
A hare and a weeping fox.

In my etsy shop now.


  1. Oh those tears! These are great!

    Today's favourite on Etsy is the crooked tooth smile fox head - like Terry Thomas - you just know that fox had a good, if rakish, life before he was deaded.

    Lovin the new slumbering foxes too ...

  2. Oh, Paul... That weeping fox is beautiful. You are killing me here. As I save for trip to Belarus and England this summer, I crave shopping in your store. Will make both happen. :)

    Well done. Really love the trophy heads. My dad was a firefighter who was also a hunter and taxidermist, so I grew up in a house with stuffed pheasants and deer and moose heads. I certainly don't miss having the real ones around but these little ones are perfect - especially weeping.


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