Minature dress.......

I has a dream the other night about a tiny dark dress on a tiny hanger.
The idea stayed with me all the night and in the morning I felt compelled to make it.

Now clothing isn't something I'm into making,gave it a try once-not for me.
Sometimes you have to make things or they beg to be made.
This is one of those circumstances. I made it,its out of my system and now I'm onto the next thing.
I did like making it though I guess its an extension of me working smaller,who knows!?

I hope the owner of the dress find it.
I put it in my etsy shop.



  1. I love this! so fragile and ephemeral ...

    You've inspired me to finally make something that I dreamt about 10 years ago and that I think of every day ... !! Roll on the weekend!

  2. This dress had to be done by you. Its art!
    I really like it!

  3. Thankyou all for your kind comments.
    They are really appreciated.


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