Busy Busy............

Sorry not blogged in a little while but I have been hectic.
However hectic is good and I like being it-it suits my nature.Everything has been about moths lately they've been a big hit in my esty shop so that's really all Ive been making.
I do love them.
Heres a fresh batch on my table nearly done,they should be going into my etsy shop today.

I'm going to make some darker ones next!!
I have this really old battered umbrella that originally was black but its been stored tightly closed and the outside is bleached by the sun. so when you open it out there are these amazing rays of bleached cream areas and then the black.Beautiful!
I have this thing about using umbrella fabric I think its such a fabulous part to a pieces story.
This is from an umbrella! I just love it.

I did give my self a couple of hours off to make whatever I wanted.
So I made a bird from all the moth scraps.

He can also play dead really well which is always a bonus!
He almost looks better dead.

I also bought some tiny cows for my moss terrarium from a charity shop.
They look right at home and very relaxed.

I hope your weekend is the same.
Happy Sunday.


  1. wow you have been busy! Love the bird assuming the death position ... cows perfect ...

    I stopped to pick up some moss today and thought of your terrarium, but it was just a teeny tiny pavement scrap so I left it to enjoy the sunshine another day ...

    on a totally nerdy note, I think our sewing machines may be related :)

  2. Merci Merci.....Sarah what machine have you got?
    Ive got an old Merritt(iknow that they are singer)wooden base.

  3. Ah, mine's an old 1958 Novum (I think they became New Home) -- Japan made, but also wooden base and all metal - that's what got me thinking they might be related!


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