It always has a dark tone doesn't it,and probably for most conjures up images of the horror movie.
But not all omens are bad, and I was going to do a post on this for Halloween but ran out of time...but still wanted to do it.
I was prompted to do do this post as recently I made some snails and one sold to a lady who was thrilled that she had bought one as her good omen was seeing snails.
They had appeared like reminders and signs that good thing were on there way.
I too have an omen like this and surprise surprise its a spider.
A spider hanging from a thread,you know when they just hang there motionless and you almost stare at them and wait for them to twitch to life and run back up their silken line. I see them so often and really at bizarre times and places and so these are my own personal omen.
Some years ago I had one which I called '7' as she had 7 legs and because of this I could recognise her.
7 would literally come out whilst I worked and hang on a silken line above where I worked.
Whilst at this particular time things in my life were not going amazing I found a really bizarre comfort in this act as it was just so odd that it kept happening.

My family is a very supersticious one and Ive lost count of how many omens and warnings my mother has and blames for things.But not any good ones.....well to drop a spoon means a 'surprise' but that's not a nice surprise,a fork means a letter and a knife well that's a stranger.....
My father has a thing with birds,well actually the whole family does and some are good but not always.
My fathers father died on Christmas day when he was a child,and he went into the garden and all the walls and the roof of the house were covered in birds. I remember him telling me this and it always stayed with me.
I suppose its how you see things, I don't see the house being covered in birds as a bad thing I find it quite wonderful. I see the birds have 'come to take him away'.
When I die Id like birds to come for me.....

Anyway the point of all this was tell me about you omens....whether they be good or bad...
Do certain things keep cropping up at strange times? Does a random song always come up...
Id love to know.........


  1. What a very interesting and thought provoking post. I am not superstitious at all, but I do love to hear about other people's superstitions. I remember picking hawthorn, because it was all white and pretty and taking it to my then mother-in-law, she screamed and told me to take them away as they signified death! I love your creations, you are so original. Love Linda x

  2. My mother in law was convinced her mother was reincarnated as a robin. The robin named Nina after her mother would come right in to the house and would sit for ages just watching what was going on. She had a way of cocking her head and looking at you that was so very like Nina when she was alive. Years later I over heard some of my students discussing reincarnation. One of them mentioned that his grandmother has come back as a robin. So we fell in to a conversation about it. It turns out this is quite common and robins are a symbol of reincarnation. I love to see robins going about their business and now often wonder who they are and who they have come to visit.

  3. You've got me thinking now! I do like the thought of birds coming to take my spirit away when I die...but I am a little bird obsessed! I also love that you a a seven legged spider friend. I don't really have any superstions but I do however have a weird thing with the moon, I get a feeling when the moon is full what sort of things are coming my way...good, bad. I find it clarifies things for me, illuminates all the dark places. Sorry..kind of got lost in random thought there! :)

  4. A fascinating post...and comments too! There is always something heartwarming about robins, so if they are symbols of reincarnation or, lost souls, it seems apt.
    My affirmation of life has always been the swallow.
    Their extraordinary flights of migration and then living their lives on the wing for the most part.......
    it seems miraculous when they are so fragile a being.
    But then wrens too........I feel blessed to ever see them, nipping from twig to twig, shy little creatures.
    If swallows affirm the value of life for me then wrens are a proof its exquisite fragility.

  5. I don't really have any superstitions but just wanted to leave a comment to say how much I love your work. I've only just discovered it today.

  6. interesting thought and beautifully evoked. I guess, though, one is not really aware that they have a superstition. certain beliefs are so well-built that they become real...and what is real afterwards?

  7. Loved your post and your bugs. Black butterflies means a visit from a dead loved one in my family. Personally, white doves a good omen for me. I was praying for the arrival of my true love when a pair of doves came to the window, just then. When I woke up the next morning, there was a feather on the rug at the foot of my bed. I met my true love about 2 and a half months later.


  8. 11:17. Every time I'm stressed or losing confidence and I glance at a clock, seeing this time let's me know everything will work out. It used to creep me out because it seemed like every time I looked at a clock when I was feeling especially miserable, it would be 11:17. But I was born at 11:17 on a Thursday morning. How can the time of my birth be bad? Now I see it as a sign of reassurance. I was born for a reason at 11:17. Everything will be alright.

  9. Wonderful article.
    My little notion.
    I always would get irritated when people spun the Magpie ritual, greeting the Magpie etc, I am reluctantly superstitious by nature.

    I didn't like the idea of a lone Magpie meaning badluck, so I rewrote the belief to suit me and this is what it means now. 1 Magpie= your on a lone journey 2 magpie = your currently close to one person, 3+= you got lots of mates! I actually find it quite accurate, and always feel less alone when I spot 1 Magpie, solidarity and wot not.

    I used to hitchhike a lot and would often see Magpies on the motorway.


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