Christmas Spider........

Here's a couple of snaps showing one of a pair of huge Spiders that I have been recently working on for some instillation work.The body is made from huge ex display Christmas baubles covered in layers of wadding, cotton and vintage doilies all stitched by hand.
The thorax is covered completely in flat back AB costume jewels which twinkle beautifully.
Ill have some more pics of them soon in situ where the hide and hang from huge webs which Ive made from fishing line and Swarovski crystals.
These were taken in my workroom which actually looks really tidy!


  1. Wow! These spiders are wonderful, love them. Your work room does look tidy ... (she says scurrying off to fold fabric, close boxes and sort that heap of stuff....)

  2. Oh dear, it's huge! I love this creature so much!

  3. Those spiders are FANTASTIC! I bet they look great in situ too. Tidy!

  4. I thought that snails were the best, prettiest and loveliest things ever but after seeing that spider I`m starting to having some doubts. Yay for artificial insects, spiders and snails! :D

  5. Absolutely brilliant, I love your creations and am coveting your lovely studio...


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