Some images of some owls that have finished off this morning.
Two grey ones made from two different coloured grey woollen blankets.
Little woodland fellas.
The blankets were beautiful to use and the colours look perfect for these guys.
Once finsihed I overworked them with inks and a light tea wash here and there to help bring them to life.

And two deep blue velvet owls.
These tow look a bit grumpy but that's fine its probably because they are having their pic taken in daylight.

I like making two at the same time it suits the way that i work.
At the end you you have two owls that are related,brothers perhaps?

Anyway I have to get back to making the moth brooches........


  1. ...Gorgeous! Each and every one! :o)

    ...Btw, I've been meaning to ask you, some time ago I came across something you had written, I dunno if it was on FB, here, your website, ?... Anyway, you wrote about getting yourself out there. Don't be shy or timid, just create what you create and get yourself out there and show what you do. I need to see that again. I know when I read it it struck a chord within me and I always think back to it quite often. I'm not good at selling my wares, I'm rather timid and I would like to read those words again. If you wouldn't mind, could you please direct me to where I could find that again? Thank you so much.

    ...Have a lovely day!

    ...Blessings :o)

    1. Hey Tj,
      I think this is the post that you are refereing too.
      Thanks for your message and kind words.

  2. FABulous........ like Grumpy Old Men you cant live without!!

  3. swoooon finch just swooon ... moth brooches too?

  4. hello there mr. Finch!
    saw your lovely moths some time ago in Etsy and just found our work again and I have to say it`s just lovely! I love it all! :D


    are you in fb?

    have a great weekend!
    (my favs. are the moths!) but love the rabbits and wolfs...! :D

    1. Hey,
      Thanks very much.
      Yes im on facebook look for
      MisterFinch Textile Art.

  5. Love the blue velvet Grumpy brothers....
    Julie x

  6. I very much am in need of one of those owlies. Oh my. To perch on my bookshelf.

  7. Dear Finch,
    You've made a new fan. I've just discovered your blog. Your work is magical.


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