Here's some snaps of some swans Ive been making.
These are the first few that have come out.
They've been a bit tricky especially the beak area which is the thing that has always put me off but Ive got a little process and its seems to work out fine.

Plus a trophy head style one with a crown.

A few days later drove past a pub called 'The swan with two necks'
There are quite a few pubs in the UK called this as Ive done a bit of research.
It should be called 'The Swan with two Nicks'
The nicks refer to the scratches made on the beaks of swans to identify ownership. This practise is known as Swan Upping and is a ceremonial occasion on the River Thames where mute swans are rounded up, caught, marked, and then released.I obviously prefer the idea of having a swan with two necks myself as I think that sounds wonderful.

Can you guess whats coming next?


Aw! Hes my little friend!
Quite a size too 44cm in height.
Hes taken a while to get right and the pattern was lets say was a challenge.He may have to live with me for a while whilst I make another but they always turn out different.
He really is very fairytale like and has a really lovely presence.
Only wish I had one of those huge antique glass domes to put him in.


  1. Fantastic!! I love the swan with two necks, he's really amazing! :)

  2. Guess pubs could be biting your hand of to have one to go with the pubs name! Stunning ideas yet again..........

  3. Wow! they are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing, I am so glad to meet you. I am so excited to find and follow new special places. I will follow on my way out because I am sure I will enjoy engaging and supporting your special place now I have found you. I hope you will find some time to come visit me soon. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  4. Just discovered you thanks to Bloglovin.

    Great creative re-use of older, random materials. I shall certainly follow you and have hearted your etsy shop.

    Looking forward to seeing more wonderful creations.

  5. The swans are Fantastic!!! The beaks are wonderful and you've outdone yourself with this design!!


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