Hooded birds..............

Finished a couple of birds today,they have hoods.
They are far darker edged than the usual dead birds if that makes sense but I have a thing about making things masked and hooded.

The box I got this morning from a market for 50p. Its so trashed and worn out and utterly perfect.
Very pleased with it.
The woman who I buy things from often looks at me and you can tell shes thinking I'm a wacko as I buy the most random stuff from her.
Generally its all worn out and damaged.
Sometimes I get asked what I want things for and now I have to admit that I lie.
Since telling a few people that I make a living from making things, and turn what I get from their stalls into new things and make money... the prices of things have suddenly gone up.
Funny huh!
So suddenly vintage textiles are for my mother and everything else is for my dad who likes to tinker with things.
I think it pays sometimes not to drop the mask all the way....


  1. Brilliant again, sinister but intriguing !

  2. Thats poetic license rather than a lie.......and quite understandable!
    I generally say I use whateveritis in my work with youngsters, which in a way I do, I deviuse and make tactile educational resources for visually impaired kids by day.
    The box was destined to become a coffin...sinister yes, but also very intrigueing!

    1. How amazing that you help visually impaired kids,I think people like you are wonderful.


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