What are the chances.............................

So yesterday I'm working at my desk making magpies,la la la la la.
Drinking tea and in my own world. My desk is opposite the window which is brilliant as not only is it lovely and bright but I also get to see the comes and goings of everything on the street.
I'm going to say its great for watching birds etc but I would love to know what that woman on the end does in that shed for so long after 6pm.But that is a different story.

Seriously though it amazing for watching birds as just across the road is a plum tree and about 10ft from this is a cherry tree so not only is the blossom amazing and I get to see it snow down on everything it does attract a lot of birds.I would hang bird feeders outside my window to encourage them but I have tried that.
Half an hour later you have 3 cats throwing themselves at the window and knocking everything over.
Ive watched a pair of magpies come and go form the top of a tree for weeks which was great but they have gone now.This isn't so sad as where I live is near the city and there are magpies everywhere.
So Yesterday making magpies,drinking tea.....Very windy outside-ridiculously windy outside.
Imagine the scene from the Wizard of Oz before the house flies off (you get the picture).
I go down stairs to make another tea...............look out of the window.............

Whats that on the ground?..............................

Can you guess?

A magpies nest!!!!
 So I threw myself across the road picked it up and ran into the house like a crazy person panting.

It survived in amazing condition,there were no eggs or feathers or anything like that in it.
It looked like it hadnt been used in a while and I would never take something like this from the wild.
Its was really heavy and packed tightly with mud. Ive checked it agianst other Magpie nests on the internet and it does look exactly like the others.
What are the chances of a man making Magpies finding a pracitcally complete Mapie nest on his doorstep.!!?


  1. wow ...!! Magpie karma :)

    we like

  2. Ha ha. A lovely story, very well told. Could anyone have possibly delivered a more apt present to your door? : )

  3. How wonderful is that?............the construction is amazing, so neat and tidy on the inside.

    Something special to treasure.

    Since discovering your blog, everytime I see a dead bird on the road I have to restrain myself from picking it up and taking it home. Don't know what I would do with it, but your dead birds have me intrigued.

    Claire :}

  4. Thanks everyone,I'm a very happy person right now!!

  5. Now that is true serendipity. Lovely week ahead...

  6. Createology ,MaryL thanks!,Its all sealed up in a display case now.....images to follow soon!


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