Clearwing moths

Here's some shots of new moths that are now in my etsy shop.
These are a sort of hybrid of a moth and the glass/clear wing butterfly. A clear butterfly isn't that just exquisite.
If you've never seen one here's a pic.

Love how frail its seems and those veins just seem incredible to me.
So from the whole process of making the flying fish wings Ive adapted them to make similar wings.

A clear butterfly,whatever next ...............A fish with a see through head!?
Well that exists too!

Glass bellied frog anyone?



Okay ok ill stop!



  1. HaHaHaHa!!! You are just too funny! Knew you would sneek one more creature in! LOL!

    Man!! Your work is so absolutely fantastic!!! I don't think its possible for you to create something that is just not super cool!! (Yeah, I know... every artist has those pieces that are never seen... but surely yours are very few these days :)))

  2. MaryL Thanks for your comments your really kind.
    There are things that arent cool here in my studio,the trial and error things.
    A pug with 3 legs AwWW! and a magpie with no head because it was to close to a candle.
    Its a bit of a freak show.x

  3. He he he :) Your moths are beautiful! I love that kind of transparent wings, almost named my daughter after one (Greta Diaphana)

  4. rasamalai Thanks very much.
    How fantastic that would have made a lovely name.
    My mother named me after the singer Paul Simon.
    My name is Paul simon Finch,not quite as nice as a transparent butterfly!

  5. Well, Dear Paul Simon Finch, you sure brings honor to this name..


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