Bulbs that's right bulbs.
I love them and they are easy to grow and they also quench my need to see things growing in water with roots shooting out everywhere.
I love how tight and hard they are and the different papery textures.Inside is a flower sleeping curled up waiting.
As much as I love the flower I do think its the shiny budding head that I like the most how it bursts through and often really fast overnight you can see definite changes in size.
But all to often it flowers fast has a big growth spurt becomes unstable and withers and dies and then its gone.
So in honour of the sprouting bulb and all its promises of spring I wanted to make my own version.
Using textiles to illustrate the rough and the smooth.

So here is some that Ive made. Not sure what the response will be to them but I really like how they have a quiet little presence.

Displayed simply on jam jars-easy.
Obviously without any water.

String for roots and glossy green artificial leaves curled round for the sprout..
The sides have been hand embroidered and stained with a light tea wash.
As with most things I did get a bit obsessed with them.
Hhhmmmmn how obsessed can you get with making bulbs?
Are you ready?


Look at the big one its a beast!!

I was just thinking then I wonder how many people thought I was going to be wearing a huge sprouting bulb costume and walking around the house in it...........making moths and magpies.
What a fantastic idea..............................!


  1. Bwahaha! ... that big bulb is BIG!

    I love bulbs too ... especially the way you've made them. There's little more luscious than that green shoot. Fantastic.

    ... and yes I was imagining the costume for the moths & magpies maker ... LOL!

  2. These are marvelous!! What a delightful idea... I especially like the coloring on the giant one, the pinkish color adds an extra touch of depth of realism. These are sooo cool...I hope they do really well for you :)

  3. I love viewing this blog because your always making something magical. Your bulbs are no exception : ) Yes it's a beast!
    The colours are superb and the roots look so real.

  4. Your bulbs are amazingly realistic. I truly did not know you had created them until I kept reading your post. F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.
    Now to see that costume on you prancing around the house...

  5. OMG..... you made me laugh.... I was expecting something big from you while I scrolled down, but not something BIG!!!!! hahahaha... They are awesome!


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