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Sunday, 27 February 2011


The size of things.....important-yes.
For many different reasons.
With how I naturally work I like to make things big and when I say this I mean I like things where possible to life size or in a size where its on the boundaries of being believable.
I like a bird to be the size if a bird is what I'm saying.
Working small has always been a challenge for me and I mean that. I read of artists who struggle with the opposite and find it hard to make work bigger.
I suppose its all about adjustment,again in many ways.
As of late Ive really tried to reduce the size of my work and for one main reason really-they get heavy and cost more to ship. I know this shouldn't be a compromise but it is.
When sending larger stuff out the postage can really kick you in the teeth.
Selling on etsy showed me this.
Obviously there are other perks to smaller work,less materials being used make things quicker etc.
Well you see this is what I thought,ill be able to make things quicker -not necessarily that true.
When making things smaller you still have to sew,turnout,stuff,sew,finish off etc and stuff something smaller is often more fiddly to do.
Here's an image to illustrate the difference in size from old to new work.

That's a big difference and its almost more obvious to me now that I see it in an image.
There wasn't a huge time difference in making these two wolves.

I know this as I time myself when making things and see if I become faster at making things.
As a business which it is I have to be savvy with time.
So as a test,and I love to test myself I reduced some of my patterns down to see how small I could go without having one of those granny tapestry anglepoise light things.(sorry if you have one!)
And here is the result........

 A miniature sleeping fox,Do you know it was like having one of those light bulb moments.
Its like I got 'it' hard to describe but something understood the working small thing.
So smaller things are realistically more of a gift,love token and a thank you. I don't know how long this phase will last if will last at all! I'm going to go with it and see where i end up.
So for all you crafters play around with scale even in a small way see what happens.
I remember a scene from one of my favourite films 'The witches of Eastwick'.
Cher is a sculptor who makes small booby dolls for a local shop,the devil in disguise Jack Nicholson says he loves them but tells her the scale is all wrong.
She looks dismayed.
"The scale is all wrong,you need to work bigger,let yourself go" hes say
I know that im working smaller but its the same principal.

   Sarah @ pings and needles I may have some sleeping foxes in my etsy shop soon.........!

Friday, 25 February 2011

new moons.....

Made some new moons for my etsy shop.
These have long legs which I like better than the first ones with the short legs.
Long legs are better for running and dancing. I like the way they look moody.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I love a good read and I love a good read that has beautiful pictures.
Really beautiful fragile pictures.
I got 'The boy in the oak'as a gift.
I dont want to tell you much about the contents as I feel its like telling the best bits of a film.

In the garden behind the cottage grows an ancient oak that hides a secret. The young boy who lives in the cottage couldn’t care less about the tree and certainly doesn’t know it is enchanted. But the faeries soon change this . . . They cast a spell that causes the ancient oak to swallow the boy whole..................

The boy in the oak
Jessica Albarn

Intrigued....................Go buy it.

Go on!!!!!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

More moths..........

Just wanted to show you a snap of the batch of moths all together before they get separated and go to separate shops.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Sorry for the bad quality of these images they are just to illustrate a point.
I know that having a terrarium is a bit of a trend and that its all been done before but I wanted to do one.
I wanted a a moss one so a few weeks ago I made one.
Granted its hardly groundbreaking or incredibly beautiful but I love it.
I gathered tiny mosses and tiny plants from different walks and put them together in a large goldfish bowl and job done.
I spray mist it every now and then-easy.I know that there are lots of dos and don'ts,charcoal and all that which I haven't done.
I love that its a tiny world and tiny tiny tiny plants suddenly become a miniature forest and a pebble a huge boulder.I peek in this miniature world to see tiny changes.If you've never made one just try it,get a jar and get searching for tiny plants. Mine doesn't have a lid,it does but I don't have it on as it gets a bit sweaty and I quite like it off.Anyway just wanted to urge you to try and make one and have a tiny world to peek at.

Friday, 18 February 2011


I made and  lent some ants to a designer friend of mine and they have now arrived back home.........
I didn't realise how much I missed them until I unwrapped them....!

They are made from Hot Pink silk taffeta and are each roughly the size of your hand.
These little babies and the large mother are going to London next.
They lead an exciting life!
If I'm honest they were a nightmare to do and I wont be making things this small again out of taffeta in a hurry!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Here are some Moths from my new collection for spring/summer.
Hope you like.......
All made from old and rescued fabrics,knapkins,hankerchiefs,tablecloths and the odd pillowcase.
Maybe butterflies would be more summer but I love moths and the fact that they come out at night.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Today felt like Spring,hope its arrived where you are!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Flying fish....

Ive always loved flying fish,whats not to love?
A fish that flies.....well glides. They have been recorded at leaving the sea for up to 45 secs traveling up to 400m,and gliding at heights of 20ft at 43mph!
When time allows I like to set myself a new pattern to make something a bit tricky.As with everything at the moment with me its made from old cottons and stained with teas. The veins on the wings are all sewn in by machine and he peers through pearly button eyes.

I know he would probably look better in blues and greens but I like the colours of the teas and the dark threads, it makes things look like 3D illustrations.
Almost like a scientific prop.
His wings are stiffened by recycled plastic cartons and his bead and wire joints make his fins movable.
I don't know why somethings are boys and some are girls............hes a boy.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

A new moon......

A new pattern that Ive been working on a new moon figure.
This is the first one and I'm pleased with how he has turned out. Almost asleep and almost thinking.
Almost a little glum!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

New things for etsy.....

Sorry Ive not blogged in a while but I have been busy....sewing.
Ive not had anything in my etsy shop for a while so I wanted to concentrate on getting some things in there and this is what Ive been doing.

Bears made from embroidered hanker chiefs and cottons.



Embroidered hare


  Each one is made from old cottons and pieces of clothing and hanker chiefs that Ive been saving.
Jointed with wire and beads with ink and illustrations,stained with tea and rescued from mischievous cats!