Work in progress......

Ive been enlarging some of my patterns on my good old 'over head projector' and have tinkered about with this older pattern of a sleeping fox.....He still needs his tail sewing on.....this is my favourite size to make.....
working on  a big fat creature on you lap and sewing and working on the face is really rewarding and just seems really fab to do.
This foxy chap is going to get stained and his legs painted black and the hopefully some sort of cloak I think.
Hes going into a capsule collection for a really fab outlet.
Its a bit of a secret at the moment but I'm really quite thrilled.


  1. You are an amazing artist. Your creatures are fabulous! I want one! :-)

  2. He is sew realistic ....stunning already....even without colour....!
    d x

  3. Dear Mr. Finch,
    I love your creations so much and this fox is just so stunning. Another thing I love is your passion about your work. It can be seen that every single piece has your heart put into it when you are creating it. I hope you will give this beautiful creature a name that suits him!
    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  4. It's so lovely seeing your animals again here. A new one inspires my day.

  5. oh what i am see there? a little fox in sleeping position. I love this one and it is so realistic, a wonderful creature.

    regards from sylvia

  6. Oh I would give him such a good home!! I hope to see your creations in your etsy shop soon!!!


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