I only got this tiny embroidered picture a few weeks ago and its has become one of my most favourite things.....It was in a second hand shop for 20p and the glass and frame were filthy.
I knew it had been hand stitched and with a little clean this magical garden came to life.
It has such tiny tiny stitches and its been done with such love.
Its objects like these that hold such stories for me....who made it and how it came to be given away....
It sits on my desk next to my computer a reminder that there is beauty everywhere........sometimes you have to give things a little dust and look harder................and some people have amazing eyesight and patience.


  1. You found a true treasure!
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  2. thx for the pencil in the photo for reference... it's hard to understand perspective without it. a real gem there!

  3. How lovely, what a great find :)

  4. How precious! What a lovely object. It astounds me the things that can be found in thrift shops. So many beautiful things discarded or given away... but then again, they wouldn't find new appreciative homes if they weren't given up.

  5. Great post full of meaning. I too am amazed at the things that are so willing tossed aside, without thought to the time and love that went into creating them. Good you had the eyesight to see beyond the dirt and the patience to bring it back to life...a real treasure!

  6. Ooo ... miniature, like my ... Where is the translator on your page? wonderful things you do want to read ...


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