Thread and silk......

I may have mentioned this on my blog and older posts....I have a little omen that seems to come along quite often.....little spiders hanging from their silk. Ive had them hanging above where I work and even hanging off my work. I take a comfort in seeing them as a good luck thing. Everyone has a thing.....don't they?
Toady I go to my sewing machine and this little guy is hanging of my sewing thread.
Wishing you a day a 'good luck omen' day.


  1. You have opened my eyes, we must all have such an omen. I just need to be open to seeing it! Charming post.

  2. so amazing to have such friends

  3. He's inspiring you inspire me!!! I love your work, I almost like moths, least the pretty ones you create.

  4. What a wonderful post. I know there's a special omen in this mess someplace -- I just have to find it!

  5. what joy in such a weeny creature and am sure hes popped in with a blessing for you : )


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