Well this past week has been one of trial and error and lots of things have really not gone to plan work wise.
But you just have to ride out these times I feel even tho at the time they can prove to be hugely disappointing on a time wasting basis.
Is it time wasted tho?
No, its all down to development and some things work somethings don't. Toady I'm ironing some fabric envelopes for a another project that just didn't work out....but I love them all the same.

 Something about neat stacks of envelopes and what they may contain....


  1. I always love envelopes - so evocative of what might be inside. You have the right approach - if we don't experiment and aren't willing to fail we'll never move forward.

  2. Good morning Mr. Finch,

    love your envelopes!

    hugs from Canada
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  3. I love them too - they make me feel nostalgic - so beautiful :)

  4. I also love them, more things that hold thins like my new fabric boxes. :)

  5. just when i thought i've seen everything, then i saw mr finch' mushrooms...oh be still my heart... hoping to catch them on etsy someday...sooner :) trully wonderful work of arts.

  6. The world...we...see your perceived time line...you're published, you make a stack of birds, you list them, you sell them...
    Truth is...you're human. You also try things, that don't work out.
    It's nice that you have the security in yourself to post about it so that we can see that if it's possible that you have duds, we can have them, too.
    We learn more from our failures than our successes!

  7. класс!! красивые конверты!

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