Hoover and a tweak........

Well my large moth 'Oonah' is back from her adventures in Anthropologie in London..and with a quick hoover and tweak shes back on the wall above my sewing machine where she lives. I get asked whats my favourite thing I ever made a lot and and its her ....this moth.
Shes with me for a little while then shes back out for some new travels.......maybe mid April....x


  1. I have a moth phobia....yours are so amazingly realistic they scare me:-)

  2. have you a passport for her?????
    She shud have one with her travels recorded surely!

  3. I really want to stroke her fuzzy body. Maybe even rub my face on it.

  4. What a wonderful friend to keep you company!

  5. Oonah is just magnificent! What an amazing talent you have, Mr Finch!


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