6 for sale............

I will have 6 moths........ 3 x medium and 3 x large for Esty tomorrow night Friday 29th March 7.30pm UK Time.
Med moths will be £149 and are approx 30cm x 24cm
Large moths are £295 and are approx 42cm x 24cm if not slightly bigger. Ive never made and sold moths this large size before....All fur used is artificial.


  1. These are so fabulous! I like that you work in both small scale and large. I think it must be a challenge to be so versatile. I covet one of your creations, but not yet ..... soon after saved pennies mount up a bit. I will get in the queue. Wishing these beauties all good homes where they can spread flutter magic. Minerva ~

  2. Oh, my goodness, I'd love one, but I too need to save up, and there is postage to Sydney on top... But so tempting!


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