Bloom butterflies by Mister Finch by ohmisterfinch

The summer's all in bloom
The summer is ending soon.....


  1. So beautiful,
    all these butterflies will hibernate, and they will be just as lovely next spring.

  2. Oh, Mr Finch, my daughter bought me two of your wonderful soft sculpture taxidermy as a surprise present. I think she was fed up with my drooling.I am so happy and pleased. Your lovely fox now resides above a door in my dining room opposite the deer I have made (not in the same class as yours) and the butterfly is resting on a bunch of my fabric flowers. I shall be heading down to York soon - I have to see that swan in the flesh.

  3. Ah,thanks very much for the feedback.Im so pleased that you like your pieces.
    Yes the swan he needs to move to York as hes taking up to much room here and if hes here any longer I feel he may turn in to something to dry washing on!


  4. I love these. Very beautiful.

  5. These butterflies are so lovely, so peaceful. They make me smile. :)


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