Large textile moth by Mister Finch by ohmisterfinch

Here's a pic of the new style moths for A/W. As you can see she's not small!
Ive made a few more but they are drying on the window sill.
I cant lie getting this pattern right has been hard and its still tricky to capture the stance that moths have.
However I am pleased with these and the rest look very similar except they are all different colours of velvets and scraps of upholstery fabric.

I know that these aren't going to be every ones cup of tea as alot of people like butterflies and moths but if the body is large and fat it puts them off.
I understand this body shape issue and I think its the same with spiders the larger and plumper they are the more of a reaction they get.

These have a very strong presence which is ultimately what I'm after that slight second of 'unsure what it is'.

The tradition of witches and wizards having a familiar is always something that growing up always really struck a chord with me.
In the books by Phillip Pullman each person has a daemon which takes on the form of an animal and stays with them,walks by their side or perches on their shoulder.
Although humans are physically separate from their daemons, they are metaphysically connected, and most human-daemon pairs cannot bear to be distanced by more than several yards.

A big fat moth on my shoulder or a plump green spider on my sleeve going everywhere with me.
One can dream.........

Well actually I have had this moth on my shoulder now for a few hours whilst I get computer work done.
If these walls could talk!


  1. I love moths! I think they are so underated, I had an elephant hawk moth in my living room the other night and it was so pretty. I am putting your big fat moths to the top of my xmas wish list and hoping santa pays attention (for once!).

  2. I like these too, they have the moth 'stance', youve cracked that perfectly.
    I saw a whole line of B52 aircarft in Guam once and they had an ominous presence, the wings set high up on the they were all a charcoal grey colour.
    So although your moths havesome of that ominance ( is that a real word??) they also have a dignity to them.
    I like their presence and its not threatening at all.

  3. I think he is rather beautiful, I have no qualms about a fat insect. One of the great joys of summer is watching the humming bird hawkmoths flitting around my garden.

  4. Your moth is absolutely lovely and I think you have done an excellent job on it's natural stance !
    You obviously are very observant of the creatures you make for all of us to enjoy ... and I certainly do enjoy them !

  5. Beautiful! I like the tie in with Phillip Pullman, your moths do look like a daemon.


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