Hanging spider............

Every now and then you see a spider and its hanging from the ceiling from a thread.
There is a moment where the spider is still, very still with its legs out and its spins slowly.
You watch it for you you know any moment it will spring to life by either going back up silk or will fall to the floor.
I love seeing this and bizarrely see it often.
I'm superstitious and whenever I see it I believe it means that something good is going to happen.
Its my superstition,not sure where it came from or when it became true.
Like a song that follows you and you hear on the radio wherever you go.
Mines a spider hanging down...
This tiny blue velvet lady hangs above my sewing machine.
A reminder that if you wait something good will follow or appear on a silken line.


  1. She's having a grand time twirling about eyeing you as you work. You are a much braver soul than I, even this lovely fake still sends shivers up my spine!

  2. I don't really like spiders... except yours! ;-)


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