Anniversary giveway!!!!!............

Dear Followers,
On the 30th of April will be my 2 year anniversary of having a blog, and so to mark this event I am having a giveaway!!!
The Moth below will be the prize.
Its in a block sunshine yellow and is the first moth I have made like this.

To be in with a chance of winning simply leave a comment in this post telling me where you would put the moth if you were to win it. (One entry)

Or Follow me on my Facebook page and share my link on your own page, leave me a message below telling me you have done this for another chance to win.

One comment will be chosen by Mr Random and I will announce the winner on April the 30th.
All comments must be submitted by 9.00am (UK) on April 30th to be in with a chance of winning.
I will let you know who has won by announcing the lucky winner in a new post.

This competition is open to everyone whether you have just joined my blog or are one from the very beginning.
A huge thank you to everyone who has followed my blog and has been kind enough to comment.
Everyone who has a blog themselves knows how nice it is to receive comments and support from others.



  1. Happy Anniversary! I love your moth -- it's just amazing! I would hang it in my studio!

  2. Oh my goodness - two years already. I think I discovered you soon after you started your blog - and was awestruck to see your original work - and have been ever since.

    How I have coveted your creations.

    It's so kind of you to offer one of your original works of art as an Anniversary giveaway.

    I love moths - and to own a Mister Finch sunshine yellow one would be my idea of heaven.

    It would hang in my garden room - where I sit protected from the sunshine, to gaze at my little garden and bantam chooks. I have the perfect place for it - on a central 'cross bar' support and would be able to see it from here sitting in the lounge at my computer.

    I'll just pop back to my blog and 'advertise' your giveaway with a link.

    I hope you generate lots more followers.

    Good luck everyone.

  3. I have been a silent follower for some time. I would put your lovely yellow moth in the empty alcove on my staircase where it would be lonely until joined by another of your exquisite pieces when I have saved my pennies!

  4. Happy 2nd blog-iversary! :)

    What a fantastic giveaway! I would be so extremely happy to own a Mister Finch moth! I'm such a big fan of your work. If I was ever lucky enough to win I would let this moth live in prize postition on my "nature inspiration" shelves, I have squirrels and rabbits and bears but no moths! and I have a bell jar just waiting for something special enough for center place. This cheery yellow moth would make me so happy to see!

    (I follow your blog)

  5. I also shared this on my blogs facebook page here: and have shared this on my facebook page here:

  6. Happy Anniversary! I love your work and would be so happy to own this moth for myself. I would put him in my kitchen to help brighten up the space, probably attach him to one of my cupboard doors:)

  7. oh and I did share on my facebook page too:)

  8. I found your blog just few days ago and this is my first comment, it won't be the last though!
    This piece is awesome, I love the yellow colour, I would put it in a bouquet of fake flowers :)

    Congratulations for the anniversary!

  9. Happy anniversary! And many more--I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work in the future.

    I would put your bright yellow moth on my deep teal dining room wall, right above the pass-through to the kitchen.

  10. Happy anniversary Mister Finch! I love your yellow moth and would hang it in my studio!

  11. Happy Anniversary! I love your work and would love to own a piece of my own. Yellow is my favorite color so I hope I win your moth. I would display the moth on my wall nestled amongst my butterfly specimens.

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  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I've admired your work for quite sometime and would love a chance to win your beautiful yellow moth. I would place him on my bedroom wall so I can see it when I wake up to remind me of the beauty and joy in the world. As soon I leave here, I'll place a link on my blog. I'm already a follower on FaceBook. Congratulations on your second anniversary! I look forward to seeing more of your fantastic fiber art!

  15. Happy Anniversary! I would hang your golden moth on the pull-chain of my studio ceiling fan so it could dance in the breeze and entertain both Lizzie-my-cat and me.

  16. Hello! You have wonderful work! I love this wonderful yellow butterfly! Thank you for your work! Olga.

  17. ooh what a treat, Finch!

    This wonderment of mothness would fly next to my beautiful vintage tableclothed moth ... if I won, which I seriously hope I do ... natch!

    Happy Blogaversary. You have brought so much delight to us in just two years... thank you ...

  18. Happy Anniversary!

    I think I would hang it in the hall. It would fit the wallpapers really well there.

    P.S. Please make more moles! :)

  19. I love your work! I live in Alaska, and the moth would bring sunshine and implied movement to the stillness of the north room, on the north wall of my house. It will be treasured by whoever wins, Thanks!

  20. Congratulations on keeping your blog going for two years (so far). I am newly here via Abby's While She Naps blog.
    You are up near the top of my favorite soft-sculpture artists; Dare I hope to win?
    Yellow Mothy would go in the bedroom, which is painted green and brown and slowwwly filling with foresty-type art. I would mount it on the wall in a moth-like position.
    Thank you for sharing your inspirational work.

  21. Happy anniversary, Ive been following your blog for a few months now just because I love to see your beautiful work. I would put this lovely moth in my guest room, which is in need of more color.

  22. Many congratulations! And well deserved successes too.

    I would be hard pushed to choose....either I'd hang it alongside my butterfly (of yours)...They could flutter down the stairs side by side....
    OR I could give it to my 3 and half year old grandson, who adores my butterfly on the stairs. This bright and beautiful moth would be perfect for his bedroom.
    This would find out how much of a good nannie I really am!!

  23. I have 'friended' you on facebook and have mentioned you.....gladly....on my own page!
    I'm now going to sit with my fingers crossed lol

  24. Congratulations Mr Finch! I have followed your blog from the very beginning and love popping over here to see what you're busy making. I would put the yellow moth in my youngest children's bedroom, I think. We love in the country now and I know how much they'd appreciate such a pretty yellow moth.

  25. Congratulations on your blogiversary. I adore your creations and would be so honored to have this yellow moth. I would proudly display it on my dining room draperies for all to see as they enter my home. Thank you so much for such a generous opportunity. Blissful creating...

  26. happy anniversary! it's been a joy to follow your projects. i am following you on facebook, too.

    this moth would crawl up the pendant light in my room. moths like light, right?

  27. how generous of you mr. finch!! i would hang your beautiful moth above my desk at home so i would be able to enjoy it every time i look up.
    thank you!!! and happy anniversary!! it's been fun watching as you create new and wonderful things.

  28. How lovely to win a moth...

    I am torn, I have just carved out a new studio space in a crowded house and I would love the moth to keep me company there.

    But maybe I should share because there is the perfect space for him (or her?) on the corner of the mirror in the living room...

  29. happy anniversary, I would place the yellow butterfly in my hair !!

  30. Happy anniversary! :-) What a beautiful moth! I would hang this above my sewing machine desk (my "studio").
    Jo :-) x

  31. Happy Anniversary!!This bit of Finch will look great near my desk. Have a great day!

  32. Hey,

    its amazing to see all the respect and admiration people (from across the globe) have for your talents.

    I was taught some time ago that it was bad luck to place statues/ornaments/figures of Buddha in positions that either look out of your windows or towards your doors as this allows your luck to escape. I've always been conscious of this when I am positioning items in my home, but this moth tells me something different.

    This moth has a look of serenity and solace, and if I were lucky enough to win it, it would be placed by my bathroom window, gazing towards the Yorkshire wilderness. This would allow me to see it casting its glow over each day, allow me insights into its lepidopteran thoughts (which would obviously be lucky), and most importantly, would allow it easy access in and out of my house each night (they do come alive at night right?).

    Congratulations on being fantastic, x

  33. Wow what a lovely giveaway and congrats on your anniversary. I love following your blog and seeing what you get up to.

    If I were to win the moth I would make him into a necklace, sx

  34. Happy Anniversary! My husband is building me a studio, I would hang your moth there to inspire creativity!

  35. Yay! Glad resetting your comment section to 'full page' worked for you. Oh, my your gorgeous yellow moth would look fabulous hooked onto the vase of a flower would be just the 'ticket' to capture the viewers delightful expression and would brighten the whole room!
    Oh! And Happy Anniversary! I am late in having a giveaway for my 100th blog follower (I now have 136) and March was when I began my blog a year ago. I will have a giveaway soon! So please check back often~
    Cheers from California

  36. Thank you for this opportunity to possible win one of your amazing creations. I left one comment and am leaving another one as I am posting your giveaway and linking it to my blog for another change for winning.
    Have a very lovely week!
    Teresa in California

  37. Stumbled upon you on Pinterest! And I am sooo happy! Your work is just amazing, love it.
    Happy bloganniversary and thanks for the great giveaway!
    When I moved to our flat I didn't like having such a large hallway but now I love it since I can hang soooo many things on it. Your moth would occupy a place of honor on my wall and would help to make it nicer.

  38. WoW what an amazing giveaway..l have followed your blog from the beginning l think. Just love your creations. Where would l put your wonderfully bright Moth? No my Art studio where all my wonderful child Artists will see it as a fantastic example of Art and l will see it everyday. I LOVE colour and have always craved one of your pieces. So GOOD LUCK to all that enter and l hope l will be going into your giveaway in 50 years time! I am glad it is all you can do..creating l meanx! Haxxlynda

  39. Happy Blog Birthday! I love your moth and I know it look perfect in my studio, watching me work. Hope it is willing to fly on over the ocean to Boston!

  40. A fluttering moment of sunshine into our rather rainy very, very lovely.
    Lynn x

  41. Competetition is now closed.....


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